Games4theworld Media Alternative Question

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Games4theworld Media Alternative Question

Post by adsypan on Tue 12 Nov 2013, 19:43

Hello, I was wondering when the months following July will be updated with the store content. I know that you're trying your best and have other things going on a I would expect, but the store items that have recently been released (Grim's Ghastly Manor, Grandpa's Grove, etc) all interest me, and I don't want to download them elsewhere from the potential threats of viruses, malware, etc; also you post fixes which they don't work without most of the time. It's just the EPs bore me easily and I have nothing else to do in game. Anyway any answers will be appreciated, and all of the work is also appreciated.


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Re: Games4theworld Media Alternative Question

Post by Dracos66 on Tue 12 Nov 2013, 23:12

It usually takes a little bit to get new items uploaded. First they have to be aquired, tested and then uploaded. The staff, just like you , have daily RL issues to deal with first and foremost. Just keep checking the site and as soon as our beloved Admin can get them uploaded he will, have no fear about that. Wink

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