Sims freeze, but animations continue!?

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Sims freeze, but animations continue!?

Post by johnsona9 on Mon 02 Dec 2013, 08:27

Well, here is my problem: 
My game loads up perfectly, and plays with almost no lag. But, everytime I play, it eventually freezes. This can happen four minutes into the game, or four hours into it. It has no certain time frame. It only lags, right before it freezes, so usually I will know when it is about to freeze so that way I can save my game. When it freezes, my sims stay completely still, and I cannot access buy/build mode or click anywhere. But my cursor, tv, music, plumbob, etc all keep on moving. 
I've tried deleting all my CC and Store content, and then reinstalling only what I want (which trust me, is a very small amount compared to what I had before). I use alot of NRAAS mods, such as Overwatch, Story Progression, Master Controller, and Career. I only have Store content and the rest is from TSR (which I've never had a problem with). 
I'm running: 
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit 
HP Pavilion g7 notebook 
AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD graphics 
4.00 GB RAM (with 3.48 usable) 
and 300GB of memory left. 
=== Rating info === 
GPU: 5 GPU Memory: 4 CPU: 1 RAM: 4 CPU Speed: 1497 Threading: 3 
Adjusted CPU: 1596 RAM: 3561 Adjusted RAM: 3049 Cores: 4 
I have all expansions and stuff packs.
I run my graphics high, but keep my tree detail and things like that low. I also have my refresh rate at the default, not 60. I don't have many .package files either. 
Any ideas? 


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Re: Sims freeze, but animations continue!?

Post by Shamrock on Mon 02 Dec 2013, 09:29

Did you add your games to the DEP? Try this topic.
Also, try to run the game as Administrator.

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