Sims 3 Not responding

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Sims 3 Not responding

Post by AEON on Tue 10 Dec 2013, 17:09

Hopefully i am at the right place. :newfag: 

When I start playing sims, everything works fine. Then after 10m the game freezes and crashes with a Sims 3 is not responding. I have followed Games4theworld guides, went through every fix options. I have installed, uninstalled multiple times. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be great.  Help 

I have the following installed with no mods or CC . . .
Sims 3 base game
Sims 3 World adventure
Sims 3 Ambitions
Sims 3 Late Night
Sims 3 Pets
Sims 3 Showtime
Sims 3 Supernatural
Sims 3 University life
Sims 3 Island paradise
Sims 3 Seasons
Sims 3 Generations

Game is updated to 1.63

Thanks from  Noob


Windows version :
  • Windows 7

System architecture :
  • 32 bits (x86)

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