Ugh, major noob. Sims 3 University Life issues!

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Ugh, major noob. Sims 3 University Life issues!

Post by Sky00297 on Wed 18 Dec 2013, 21:59

Hello Smile As stated in the title, I'm sadly very much a noob and this is my first time downloading anything by myself. I've been wanting University Life for quite a long time and decided to give it a shot.
Let me start by saying that my copy of the base game is from a physical disk bought from WalMart. It wasn't downloaded from Origin or Steam or anything. Same with my copies of: Generations, Ambitions, Town Life Stuff, and High End Loft Stuff.
I've read through the Ultimate Fix carefully so many times and watched the instructional video a bunch. To help you help me, I'll tell you exactly what I did.
1. My game was already up-to-date with the 1.63 update, but I installed the manual update anyway.
2. I downloaded the Ultimate Fix, put it on my desktop, and extracted the files with 7Zip to its own new folder on my desktop.
3. I found Electronic Arts > The Sims 3, and copied the file from the fix to the bin folder. Then I did the same thing with "All expansion packs released after and including Generations" (put it in the base game bin). Then I put the Ambitions fix into the Ambitions game bin, and the same thing with High End Loft Stuff.
4. Copied the #Crack files to my base game bin.
5. Launched the Launcher, no color in the University Life plumbob icon.
6. Launched the game anyway. No dice.
What did I do wrong? I was so careful and read the instructions so many times. Do I have to do something special with the expansions released after and including Generations? There's also no folder for Town Life Stuff in the fix (I know not to copy it to its own folder). I assume it's in with the "All expansions released and including Generations". Do I need to download another torrented expansion? Do I need to re-download the manual patch after doing all of the above?
Any help would be much appreciated! I already searched the forums to see if anyone had the problem I do, but nothing helped me. Thanks in advance!

**EDIT - Forgot to mention I have Supernatural, as well, but I downloaded it from Origin.

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Re: Ugh, major noob. Sims 3 University Life issues!

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Thu 19 Dec 2013, 16:21


This question may seem weird but, since you're new to using torrents I'm going to ask it anyway.
After downloading the expansion, did you go through setup as you would with a regular store-bought copy?

As for Town Life Stuff, you are right, it is part of the folder you mention. But, for it to be added to your game, you'll have to download the expansion first.

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