golden recepie not working at all!!!!!!!!!

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golden recepie not working at all!!!!!!!!!

Post by merenwen on Fri 20 Dec 2013, 02:28

I installed The Sims 3 with almost all of the expansions and stuff packs twice today. at first I was doing it regularly (obviously, no effect), the second time I followed your rules. it's the middle of the night and I still can't play, 'cos nothing works, and some errors occur all the time. I'm tired and mad, so please help me or I would probably kill someone in the area. aaaaaaaargh!

I use Windows 8 (not my first choice, but it was preinstalled), I looked for this kind of problem on the forum and found some link that doesn't work. I didn't install the last expansion, 'cos I don't want sci-fi.

I just wanted to make myself a present for Christmas. ended up with close to heart attack state of mind and body. please help.


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