ITF uninstalls after 1.63 update

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ITF uninstalls after 1.63 update

Post by DavidP99 on Sat 21 Dec 2013, 19:00 m
This is less of a problem than an annoyance. Whenever I install a patch, my latest installed EP/SP gets uninstalled automatically. Why does this happen?
EDIT: I noticed ITF doesn't fully uninstall but just dissapears from the launcher, thus somehow not loading the ITF items, even though it's STILL installed. If I use the # Crack from the Ultimate Fix, it pops up in the launcher again, but doesn't let me start the game, giving me an ''Unable to start game. Insert the Into the Future disc and try again.'' error, so I place the crack for all of the EPs released after Generations into the TS3 Bin folder, but ITF just dissapears from the launcher again. But the game will start, giving me the Island Paradise loading screen and crashing whenever I try loading my family, wich is currently in the future world.


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