Installation problem Help

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Installation problem Help

Post by cheybabyxx on Mon 23 Dec 2013, 07:35

Hello. I hope I am posting this is the right section. I recently bought a new gaming laptob and I am having trouble installing sims 3 expansions packs.
The base game is installed but when I try to install expansion packs It tells me I don't have enough space. I have a 128GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. I have
not installed very many programs and my C drive is already full which I find odd. any help with this. I did extensive research before I bought this pc so
I am finding it frustrating that I cannot do what my research said I could do with this pc.

Moderator edit: please don't post your Sims problems in the "Software" section. Wink  Topic moved to "The Sims (3) downloads support (PC)".

- Carlos
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