My Sims Medieval won't select or create a monarch?!?!?

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My Sims Medieval won't select or create a monarch?!?!?

Post by TheCutetulip on Wed 25 Dec 2013, 18:44

I have been working hours to get the games to actually start up, and when it finally does it doesn't work properly. The game works fine, but then it tells me to click the green button to get a monarch (at this point i should mention none of the buildings are showing up, this includes the castle/throne room itself). When i click the button and try to add a monarch, it shows me a tab with two monarchs you can choose from or create one. First I tried to create the monarch and it would get to the loading page, and never stop loading. I used task manager to quit, start up the game again and try just select a monarch, instead of creating one. I can select a monarch, the tab would close when I clicked on the one I wanted, but the monarch was never really selected. I keep trying to add a monarch and it won't work.  Help , I can't get past the first part of the game. Help??


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