The sims 3 instalation help

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The sims 3 instalation help

Post by shygurl22 on Thu 26 Dec 2013, 01:52

First things first I did follow the instructions for how to download the game correctly with the ultimate fix and the update thing and my game is still not working. I downloaded and payed for the Sims 3 game from origin I found this site site while searching for the expansion packs and downloaded a few of them like island paradise, into the future, supernatural and seasons, I went through the installation guide and tried to open the game and it tells me there was no disk found for the expansion pack to insert one. I don't know what to do from here it says the game is up to date and I dragged and dropped .exe and the .dll files into origin games\the sims 3\game\bin and its not working please help t files he .exe


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Re: The sims 3 instalation help

Post by Sephymuffins on Thu 26 Dec 2013, 03:06


Unfortunately, I won't be able to give you much help in regards to games you did not download strictly from us.  I can assume the Ultimate Fix and Manual Patch work on many pirated Sims 3 games, but I cannot guarantee this.  You are better off doing a clean uninstall and then re-downloading select expansions from US (G4TW) and reinstalling everything.  You can find our downloads here.  

Because of our website being down, my suggestion to you would be to go here and follow these simple Uninstalling steps.  Again, this is how to ensure you are doing a CLEAN uninstall of the game (leaving behind no trace elements of the games on your system whatsoever).  Once doing the clean uninstall, download CCleaner's trial version here or torrent the pirated FULL version here.  (The trial version is fine to use, too.)  As soon as your uninstall is finished, run the CCleaner and do the 'Registry Clean' option.  Once it is done, restart your computer and then begin to install all of the games once more (again, make sure each game is either from us or a BOUGHT version that is legit).

Once everything is installed, do not run any games yet.  Head on over here, first, before running the game:
Follow all the steps and your game SHOULD run just fine, with no hang ups or issues.  Smile
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