Mac - Problem Installing (Any) Expansion Pack

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Mac - Problem Installing (Any) Expansion Pack

Post by enty6003 on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 22:18

Hi there, I'm new to the forum so sorry for any mistakes I make.
I've been trying for a couple of days to get EPs to work with my copy of the sims (using the guides on this site) but still no luck. 

I downloaded the cracked Mac version of the base game from TPB, and installed it.
Patched it with the ""
Then installed Into The Future EP by making it a .dmg etc.

It seemed to install fine, but the icon still appears greyed out on the Launcher (and mousing over it says "Requires Into The Future".

Applying the #crack from the Ultimate Fix didn't make a difference Sad 

Any chance you could help me out? I've spent far too long going around in circles

(I tried this all yesterday with University Life. It didn't work, but I read somewhere that I should try it with the latest one, and then retroactively install the previous EPs [with no need to crack them]. I was only actually after Late Night! Razz  ).

Moderator edit: Topic moved to "Mac support". There is a forum section here for Mac problems too. Wink

- Carlos


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Re: Mac - Problem Installing (Any) Expansion Pack

Post by Dieneryn on Sun 29 Dec 2013, 13:01


Please try installing an EP that is before Generations. That is required for our installations.

I hope that works. If it doesn't we'll think of another way. Smile
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