Uni Life & In The Future expansion wont play

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Uni Life & In The Future expansion wont play

Post by ThisBoss on Tue 31 Dec 2013, 01:47

Okay, so, I downloaded the University Live & Into the future expansion packs and installed them as stated in the installation thread, however, upon loading the game to play I am greeted by the error message shown below. It's the same error I received for the Showtime & supernatural versions, however the cracks for them came with the ambitions expansion (which I upload to C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\expansion name)

After looking at all the expansion packs i've downloaded, there is no crack to place in the uni life & into the future folders (except the usual #crack folder which is for the base sam3 game)

I did however, replace the #crack files in the "into the future" folder into the sims 3 base folder and it seems to load, before closing and being presented with another message (see second image)

Anyone know how I can resolve either of these?


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Re: Uni Life & In The Future expansion wont play

Post by Dieneryn on Tue 31 Dec 2013, 04:02


It seems that your base game version is not updated. It should be 1.63 instead of 1.62.

Please read the following and do steps 2-4 exactly like the guide says:

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