sims3 turns into blue screen

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sims3 turns into blue screen

Post by lisarosie on Thu 02 Jan 2014, 13:28

Sooo, I've installed everything including the ultimate fix and the patch. 
First I played it with the patch but without the fux. It worked for like 2 days but then it just crashed and when I tried to run it again it said "service initialization failed". The next morning i applied to ultimate fix but after a couple of minutes into playing it crashed. I applied the fix again but it crashed again. I've tried a few times afterwards but it always crashed and sometimes there was a blue screen. The blue screen said something about dumping physical that important?
Also, I've installed Falling Skies from a youtube video yesterday and it seemed to work all fine yesterday till it crashed. I have one main family in Falling Skies so I'd really like to keep them... (Maybe try to get to move them to another city before it crashes?)

I have Ambitions, Into the Future, Seasons, Island Paradise installed

Also I have a Windos 7 64 bit.

I really hope someone can help me Very Happy
(English is not my native language but I hope you can understand it Razz  )


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