SIMS 3 Base Game is Not Opening

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SIMS 3 Base Game is Not Opening

Post by jmw2016 on Mon 06 Jan 2014, 18:29

I've read the instructions on the Mac guide. (I have a MBP April Mid 2010 10.9...) I have a Vuze torrent and I unzipped the torrent file with Archive Utility. It give me the and I drag it into the applications folder. However, when I click it to run it/install it...nothing happens  Sad . I have waited 15 minutes. Mind you I installed a similar torrent yesterday afternoon and it worked fine but I had to uninstall/delete that torrent for bug issues. Now when I use you all's or anyone else torrent it just will not open. Actually, (since this is a MAC os forum) normally when you open an app in Mac the icon bounces to let you know that "hey I'm getting ready to applicate" the sims app doesn't even do that and I'm really at a lost.  Shocked  Facepalm 


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Re: SIMS 3 Base Game is Not Opening

Post by Dieneryn on Tue 07 Jan 2014, 17:12


Please attempt a clean uninstall following the steps here:

After that, try the installation again. Smile

Let us know if it works! Very Happy
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