White Horse Eyes and Crashing

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White Horse Eyes and Crashing

Post by Pureblood on Wed 08 Jan 2014, 16:59

Hey everyone,

so for a week or two now I've been having an issue with my game that basically ends up in freezing and crashing, sometimes even freezing my whole computer during a Task Manager exit.

First time this has happened was when I put back in a few horses in an already existing household. I saved my game and I aged one of the horses up, and it had completely white eyes and then the game froze and crashed.

The second time it crashed I was editing a horse in CAS and once I finished what I was doing I exited CAS and saved the game. I then took another horse into CAS (over NRaas MasterController mod) and while I was editing the coat the eyes turned white and I couldn't zoom in or out in CAS anymore. I wanted to exit CAS without accepting any changes and the whole user/gameplay interface disappeared and I only had the (moving, breathing, swishing tail, etc.) horse in the middle of my screen, standing like that in CAS. I had to exit my game with the Task Manager.

And the third time it happened I actually managed to edit that horse that crashed it the 2nd time and even took some photos. Then I saved my game. I played around with them and one of the horses got stuck in a pose so I reset him with the MasterController. The horse was then unable to do any commands (they would automatically get deleted and also his portrait panel image turned into a black silhouette) but I managed to get him unstuck and got +30 NRaas PortraitPanel error messages. Then I went to Edit Town mode in order to add a new family member, and the game froze and crashed, freezing my whole computer into a complete restart.

So I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas as why the game crashes and I believe that it's connected to the eyes turning white, 'cause that always somehow shows up just before a crash.

These issues occurred in two different worlds/saves so the files are not corrupt.
I have every mod up to date and I just redownloaded the UltimateFix 'cause maybe that will help.
I have several NRaas mods (also up to date) that I can list if it's necessary.
I also merge my downloads (didn't merge them in awhile though, I could try that as well) and fequently delete the DCBackup and the WorldCache after each game.

Thanks ahead for all the help,

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Re: White Horse Eyes and Crashing

Post by Shamrock on Fri 10 Jan 2014, 18:57

No need to delete DCBackup every time...
Please try to update your graphic card.

Have some tea, and take care!
Best regards,


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