Jetpack issue

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Jetpack issue

Post by deblake60 on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 03:31

First, I took out all my MODS, with the exceptions of the store fixes that were provided by G4TW, as my first attempt to see if I can isolate the issue of my sims resetting when using the "Fly Around" option of the jetpack.

Next, I deleted me cache files, reapplied the store fixes and rebooted my computer (just to be sure).

Once back, I tried with a new game and eventually my sim acquired a jetpack and I had the same reset issue once I tried the fly-around option.

It seems that everything still works, other contents, like the power pack, recharging units, grandpa's grove, basically everything worked fine that I have installed. 

Not sure why the jetpack is doing this reset thing on the "fly around" option??

EDIT:/// I've tried everything that I know how to do and I still can't get the fly around feature to work without resetting my sim to the front door. I've tried taking my sim to a larger and cleared area (I thought it may be a room factor) and he still pops up to the front door. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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