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Post by philippineb on Thu 16 Jan 2014, 17:45

I have the Sims3 base game from origin,and i downloaded the expansions from torrents.
I installed the into the future first,just because that download was first completed.
But now,if i sart antoher expansion(not from the launcher but from TS3EP01-2-3-4-5 or whatever)the sims 3 into the future loads.
I dont now what to do?????????????


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Re: expansions

Post by J.T. on Thu 16 Jan 2014, 18:06

The situation you stated is very normal.

All of the expansions are served as additional features and items, and are integrated to the base game. The startup loading screen will show the latest expansion you have. Don't worry. All of the other expansions will be integrated in to the base game.

Just to make sure, have you read this guide and follow it accordingly: http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t1171-must-read-how-to-install-the-sims-3-correctly ?
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