Weird installation Sims 3 Seasons

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Weird installation Sims 3 Seasons

Post by MlleLulu on Sat 18 Jan 2014, 23:40

Ok so I'm gonna try to be as clear as I can, English is not my mother language...

I've downloaded the Sims 3 Seasons expension like, 3 hours ago, and I followed all the steps ... Everything was going great, I started the game, but then, my computer shot down (because of low battery ... hahah, I wasn't checking)
So I restart my computer, excited to play the game, I set launcher and then an error message shows (I can't remember what is was saying, but it was about the updates) I close the windows and the game starts downloading ... another error message shows "impossible to start the game - initialisation of service failure (0x065d0274)"
I decide to download your "Ultimate Fix", at step 11 I download the update, no problems, I close the launcher, I restart it, but il appears like no update was done ... I did it several times, and still the same thing "impossible to start the game - nitialisation of service  failure (0x065d0274)"
Now I download the application from "Cant Update the sims 3 to v1.66 fix", during the download, it says that there's a problem with the patch, or something, I can choose to abandon, retry or ignore ... I choose to retry it several times but it won't and until I choose to take the "ignore" choice. Then the update continues without problems, I restart the launcher and the game, again the error message "impossible to start the game - nitialisation of service failure (0x065d0274)" ...

So what should I do...? It was apparently working before, but now it won't!
Also, I have to say that I installed the physical (and "legal") version of the Sims 3 base game, but I don't have any other expension installed than the one I'm trying to make work...

Thanks Smile

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