Sims 3 Launcher Stopped Working. [SOLVED]

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Sims 3 Launcher Stopped Working. [SOLVED]

Post by AHewlett on Tue 21 Jan 2014, 16:07

Afternoon everyone!

My Sims 3 Launcher has stopped working after I updated to 1.66 version. I followed all the instructions and what it does is, I go to look through my custom content and it decides not to work anymore. I get the 'Sims3Launcher has stopped working'.

Sims 3 itself will launch fine and I can play everything in game, but the launcher itself has stopped working.

Suggestions please!

EDIT - Also, notification for "Unofficial game modification does not match your current version of Sims 3" has appeared. The only mod I have is the store fix.


Nevermind, it's sorted itself out!

Thank goodness!

Helper Edit: Glad to hear that you managed to sort it out! Have fun with the game!

Topic closed.


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