Problem with Ultimate fix. [SOLVED]

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Problem with Ultimate fix. [SOLVED]

Post by ellaisthebest on Thu 23 Jan 2014, 11:17

So earlier today I installed the Ultimate fix again after reseting my game. I didn't noticed that it's been updated to patch 1.66 while my game is still 1.63 and when i started playing, a popup appeared about the files not fitting my game version and all. Is this going to mess with my game? I would prefer not having to update to patch 1.66 as I'm using nraas mods and they aren't going to update them anymore.


Nevermind, I had the false information. Turns out nraas does have an update for patch 1.66 so I manually patched my game and am applying the fix now. Sorry for the bother Smile

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Glad to hear the problem is solved. Topic closed.


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