Skyrim mods download and activate

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Skyrim mods download and activate

Post by ashnagar1013 on Sun 26 Jan 2014, 18:23

hi! all

k so i have been trying and asking around for 3 days now with no help from anywhere  Crying or Very sad 

so please HELP!!!

i have been trying to activate the downloaded mods through nmm and even manually but they jus wont work!! i cant access the data option in skyrim launcher so i read i had to input a line or change 0 to 1 of that line in skyrimprep.ini and so i did but the line was there and the value was 1 instead of 0. so the data option should have worked. which never did!!

i have tried installing skyui and footprints and what not..but none of em ever work..even though i can clearly see the .esp and all the files related to the mod in data folder!

i used to play skyrim looooong back and then there wasnt any nmm to install it or i didnt use it then i remember very vaguely that there was someting similar to 'fallout mod manager'which i cant find anymore...but that doesnt matter anymore...



oh! by the way the uploader i got the game from is skidrow and the version of he game is (weirdly i cant see but only in the properties of the .exe file)

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Re: Skyrim mods download and activate

Post by jarb on Sun 16 Feb 2014, 16:42

Do you have skse working? Otherwise you have to try that and installing the mods again.
here is a link:  Censored

Seems I broke some rules
But just google Skse or Skyrim Script Extender and you should be fine
good luck


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