Followed fix- Getting Invalid file found error

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Followed fix- Getting Invalid file found error

Post by KingOfMemphis007 on Fri 29 Jul 2011, 00:15

First of all, I like to thank you guys for making this Awesome Forum A lot of great info here. I've been searching the forums since Saturday. Sad to say I've come to a problem. I've downloaded the base Sims game and all of the EP'S from GFTW followed the fix to the T. Installed base game first then Generations then all other packs, applied no Cracks, Just the fixes after all of the installs. Everything ok til I get to STEP 11 I get to the update tab refresh download Sims3_1.24.3.012017_from it downloads 100% EA Download Mangager Installer Proxy pops up again every things fine Then Sims 3 update gets to 91% overall and stop error Invalid file found I made triple sure I put the files from Generations ultimate fix folder not from the Gens Crack folder in C:/Program Files(x86)/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin in the base game program files and put all others file from the fix in the right place In their program files from other screen shots taking in the forums with the same problem as I Following the Installations Guide that comes with the fix In Order. And reading *MUST READ* How to install the Sims 3 correctly Post and the Invalid file not found- Sims 3 ultimate Fix not working Post also. I was wondering was it because when I installed the base game then Generations secondly, I was made to update Generations or I couldn't install Generations I was wondering this because the fix guide states do not update until Step 11 and only apply crack to Gens after a successful update I'm at my wits end I've uninstalled all files even the EA Folder in program files started over 5 times')" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Sad total from scratch. Any and all help in this matter is greatly appreciated Thanks again for all the time and hard work that has been put into this Great forum')" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">I love you, THANKS from the KingofMemphis007')" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Smile


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