Successful Installation! - Just Sharing what I did >>>

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Successful Installation! - Just Sharing what I did >>>

Post by evilgod723 on Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:00 am

1. I installed the Base Game ( Did not crack ).

2. I added World of Adventures Expansion pack ( Did not crack, followed instructions up to the "update" section, and I think at this point it will be updated to version 1.67 )

3. I added Supernatural, Generations, High End Loft Stuff, Seasons, University Life, Master Suite, Pets, Town Life, Island Paradise and Into The Future ( in no  particular order but the last one I installed was Into the future, DID NOT CRACK )

4. I downloaded the manual patch.

5. Run the "Manual" patch

6. At this stage I got a pop up message saying that I already have the latest version and if I want to replace it, I just click on Yes

7. Downloaded the Ultimate Fix.

8. I followed all the instructions from 1 - 11. ( This is the "Cracking" part )

9. Pull Sims3 Launcher

10. Game Time!

* I did not install Origin, I unchecked it in the process

Hope This one helps! Thank you once again to Games4theworld! Cheers!


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