Follow up Question

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Follow up Question

Post by GameTest on Sat 01 Feb 2014, 20:59

If I downloaded a non-decrapped sims3pack of Business as Usual Bistro and Duke of Bows Fair, decrapped it, and then put it in game, would it work?

Or, do you need updated store fixes?
If so...

I think Kissing Toast's updates (which seem to be what GFTW uses) were on a forum updated to September I think? They look different though from the July fix which I have currently in overrides. I would like these two premium contents but I don't want to foobar up my current install of Sims 3 (Everything including updated store content to July and updated fixes to July. So how would you install these?


The one KT posted on MoreAwesomeThanYou is a rar containing one file


I have a link to the forum. It was updated Nov 2013 though I am not sure if I can post it so I won't.

Ayways, just curious to get some feedback and I can't post this in fixes due to needing special permissions to post there.


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Re: Follow up Question

Post by LoriliHime on Sat 01 Feb 2014, 22:07

If you do the store updates, you want to use the most recent one provided by us. We test it before we upload it for everyone's use. I hope this helps your question.


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