Confusion on where to place files

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Confusion on where to place files

Post by browni222 on Wed 05 Feb 2014, 18:43

Hi, I'm on a Mac (10.7.5)
 and I don't understand the steps in the Installation Guide very well... 
For step 3 (to crack the base game), aren't these the same instructions for steps 10 and 13? Also, what does it mean by "So not to the expansion's game directory!" (in steps 10 and 13) ?? The steps are the same, so I end up replacing the files I just replaced. 

Could someone explain where each file should go?


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Re: Confusion on where to place files

Post by Shamrock on Wed 05 Feb 2014, 18:51

I am not a Mac expert. However, mainly the files from the #Crack folder of the Ultimate Fix matter.
And yes, if you follow the whole process, there is a step that is replaced by other files.

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