My sims cannot prepare pancakes, waffles, cookies and other recipes. [SOLVED]

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My sims cannot prepare pancakes, waffles, cookies and other recipes. [SOLVED]

Post by aimonaz on Fri 07 Feb 2014, 07:29


yesterday i played, my adult sim and teenager sim can prepare pancakes and waffles for breakfast everyday.

then today, i played just now, both of them couldn't prepare those food. when i click 'serve breakfast', the balloons for 'waffles' and 'pancakes' were there but they're not highlighted. i cannot click it. 

so i made the adult sim go for grocery shopping. she bought eggs, shop for recipe like pancakes, waffles because i thought they ran out of ingredients.

but too bad. still, the balloons were not highlighted.

the same goes to the recipes. the adult sim wanted to prepare cookies to send to an event. i made her read the recipe, bought the ingredients, but still, the balloon for serving desserts-cookies was there, i couldn't click it.

can someone help? it's hopeless if the recipes cannot be made.


oh. i have solved it.

i didn't realize that my stove is burnt. so i replaced a new one and now i can make them prepare the food.

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- Carlos

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