The Sims 3: Need Help on Exact Installation Steps

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The Sims 3: Need Help on Exact Installation Steps

Post by zamk89 on Sat 30 Jul 2011, 16:14

All the TS3 games were downloaded from * Games4theworld * torrents.

I installed TS3 from from scratch (Starting from TS3 Base Game) following the instructions on:

As instructed by the guide, I downloaded the latest Fix as well from:

Here are the steps I performed (No cracks replaced the original .exe files):

01. Installed TS3 Base game
02. Installed Town Life Stuff (Updated the base game)
03. Installed World Adventures (Before installing changed SKU number from 7 to 2 in Regedit, did not touch patch files in "# Crack" files)
04. Installed High End Loft Stuff
05. Installed Ambitions
06. Installed Fast Lane Stuff
07. Installed Late Night
08. Installed Outdoor Living Stuff (Changed SKU number from 2 to 1 in Regedit)
09. Installed Generations
10. Applied ALL fixes from the 'Ultimate Fix' download. (Have not applied crack yet.)

After all the above, I opened the launcher and proceeded to the Update Tab. No matter how many time I click on Refresh or how long I waited, no updates were provided for any of the expansions.

I have tried having the expansions updated one at a time "After installing Town Life Stuff", but no updated could be performed. As I have not applied the crack, the 'Town Life Stuff' icon on the bottom left is greyed out.

Did I execute any part wrongly? Would really appreciate the help.

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Re: The Sims 3: Need Help on Exact Installation Steps

Post by Webmaster on Sat 30 Jul 2011, 19:35


The Fix' guide says "if" there is an update available. If there's no update available, just move on.
When you apply the crack correctly - which you can do at this point - the icon will show up again.
Good luck!

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