Warnings when I install, update failure and disk not found

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Warnings when I install, update failure and disk not found

Post by tessgr86 on Sat 30 Jul 2011, 19:18

After I've installed the base game and town stuff, I tried to install world adventures. Just before the installation process begins I get a warning that The Sims 3 game that was found is more recent than expected, and that it could be possible that world adventures is not compatible (I've installed the game in Dutch, so I don't know exactly what the English warning sais).
I tried to ignore this warning, and it seemed like all the expansions install themselves properly. But when I want to apply the fix and try to update the game, I get the message that there has been a change and that I have to reinstall. When I confirm, the game shuts down. If I don't update and try to start the game, it sais that the game disk was not found.
I hope you can help me!


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