Little confused about what to do for Store Fixes and Content?

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Little confused about what to do for Store Fixes and Content?

Post by iamthewalrus on Fri 21 Feb 2014, 21:12

I know that I can install store content from the G4TW store update downloads.

I've experimented with a tiny bit of the store content yesterday, and by that I mean that I installed some of the packs, and applied the store fixes in the right place.  It worked yesterday, but when I installed more of the store content and reapplied the fixes in the right place (I think it was anyway), my sims 3 game wouldn't load past a black screen.

I had a bunch of custom content installed (Mostly mods and default replacement stuff), and when I experimented with running the game without the Mods folder, it booted up.  I placed the mods folder back with the store fixes not included, it ran.  But when I tried to reapply and replace the store fixes and run the game, the game didn't work.  So being a little confused, I decided to do a vanilla load of the game (taking out the game folders and then letting the game make new folders.) 

My game now works with the custom content and the mods (without the store fixes), but now I'm worried.  If I install all the of the store content that I've downloaded, will the fixes not work again?  Or is there a special trick I need to do in order to ensure that it works? I realize that I'm not really asking coherent questions, and I think I'm just worried I did something wrong or is there something in the store content that doesn't jive with macs, so could someone walk me through the process or just let me know if I should forget about installing store content if there's something wrong with the store fixes for mac, or if I did something wrong with the store fixes?

I apologize in advance, and I thank anyone who's willing to help me out.

EDIT: I have all the expansions with the exception of Movie Stuff, and the game is updated to the latest patch. I forgot to mention this when I originally posted.

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Re: Little confused about what to do for Store Fixes and Content?

Post by Dieneryn on Mon 24 Feb 2014, 05:15


I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with store fixes.. will have to see if someone else can guide you on that.. Sad
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