Registration Issue. [CLOSED]

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Registration Issue. [CLOSED]

Post by cjbeforlife on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 01:57

Hello, I am fairly new to this, just trying to get expansions and the game setup for my girl, she love the game. Anyways, I have downloaded the game, updated, and when I attempt to play the game it says the registration code I enter is not valid (game key). So I went ahead and tried to do the expansion Pets, I got the same error. Now the base game allowed me to install with a registration code, but then when hitting play it does this. And now I cannot install any expansions. I followed the installation video, I have the ultimate fix downloaded, as well as the manual patch. What steps do I need to do to configure this so that the game sees the registration codes I use to play/install expansions as valid? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Mod edit: since the problem is seemingly solved, I'll close this. PM me if you want it re-opened.

- Carlos


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