Sims 3 Has Stopped Working on launch

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Sims 3 Has Stopped Working on launch

Post by MissyDuhh on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 20:38

I have the base game from Origin downloaded and everything works fine there. I have been downloading your expansion packs for what seems to be years and Ive never had any issues.
I just recently downloaded Island Paradise from you guys... played for about a week then decided it wasn't my favorite so I wanted to give seasons a go.

I torrented seasons and did everything exactly like I was supposed to, the same thing Ive done with all of your expansions, everything was installed, and cracked correctly.

After this, I tried to open the sims. The launcher  opened but when I hit 'Play' the screen goes black like its trying to load and I see the blue loading circle. Then it automatically spits me back to the desktop and tells me "Sims 3 has stopped working and windows is loooking for a solution".

No solution other than just shutting the game down, thanks windows.

I have since uninstalled the EP and put back the original TSW files that were altered with the crack. After that the original sims 3 game runs just perfectly. Ive never had any expansion do this to me before and I have also had 3 to 4 expansions at once so I know it's not a disk space issue.

Any ideas?!


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Re: Sims 3 Has Stopped Working on launch

Post by ellajohnson on Sun 02 Mar 2014, 23:29

Hello, Very Happy
Please take a look at this topic! Try everything stated in it!
Good luck! Wink

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