Help! Start up error, have tried everything I can think of!

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Help! Start up error, have tried everything I can think of!

Post by jadeylady on Thu 06 Mar 2014, 04:57

Hi I'm really hoping someone can help me, pretty close to pulling my hair out!

I went to play Sims 3 one day recently and got an error saying the game failed to load, please check log. 

I uninstalled the entire game + all expansions and reinstalled to no avail, instead now I got an error during installation "sunsetvalley.object cache"

I ALWAYS install according to your must read, correct install page (has always been a God send)

My games were games4theworld downloads but I had also previously bought an electronic version of the base game from Origin, so I installed that, and again used your manual patch and ultimate fix, but got the same failure to start up error.

I found your video on clearing any old sims 3 files from the register and found a few, deleted them.

I then restarted and installed again, this time it installed with no problems but still I got the failure to start up error.

I then saw your thread about deleting the folder Documents> sims 3, so I uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled, deleted the file, Still the same error.

I also saw a link a registry cleaner you recommended but sadly the link was broken.

I have defragged my system, updated my graphics card drivers. I know its not my machine as the game always ran on it like a dream with all expansions. I don't expect EA to be of any help.

Really at my wits end now, I must have reinstalled 50x in two days. I have heard that it can be a region error, but I have no idea how to fix that.

There must be something I haven't tried. Please help

//EDIT: Oh! I also tried to bypass the launcher sims3.exe > run as administrator. No joy.

//EDIT: Hi guys, after so much stress and frustration I fixed my game. I wanted to report back here and detail how, so that anyone else going through this can sort out their problem. It came down to a problem with files stuck in the wrong places. I had to do a manual uninstall through my computers registry. There is an article online detailing exactly how to do this but apparently I'm not allowed to post it here yet as a new member. 

Persistence pays off, although I came close to chucking my laptop out the window!
I am so happy that I can play my game again!!  


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Re: Help! Start up error, have tried everything I can think of!

Post by Shamrock on Sat 08 Mar 2014, 13:54

Sorry no one was here to help sooner...
Glad you fixed it yourself!
Anything else we can help you with?

Have some tea, and take care!
Best regards,


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