Actual Disc + Cracked EP's

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Actual Disc + Cracked EP's

Post by Neyonachi on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 12:18


I have sims 3 Base game, High end, Ambition , WA , Generation , Showtime , Late night that are original discs. and Pets and outdoor living stuff Original Downloads. I re-downloaded the torrent for Pets and outdoor as i downloaded the other EP/SP

I have 2 Questions. Firstly , Will i be able to Install Cracked SP/EP over them ? or do i have to download everything ? I did read a few topics that you can but do i carry the same steps that you have in your website ? 
My Second Question is. Do i install all my original Disc first then install the cracked ones or I do them by Order of release ?  Very Happy


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Re: Actual Disc + Cracked EP's

Post by cezra31 on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 13:52


1. Yes you can install over Original one.

2. Yes anything in-order (Best game first as usual). Just follow and don't skip any steps in this link: 

Good luck! Let us know the results! Smile


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