Can I install the RLD version? (Language problem with the MAC version)

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Can I install the RLD version? (Language problem with the MAC version)

Post by cajulopes on Tue 25 Mar 2014, 07:39

Hi, guys!
Recently I downloaded and Installed the sims 3 following all steps by this community guide. It works like a charm and I never had a problem with the game.

But, all menus are in English (and my English is really poor - maybe you guys noticed that in this text). The "The Sims 3 (Mac, cracked)" doesn't has the Portuguese (-BR or -PT) options on installing window, and the popular tutorial in youtube (where you change the always_update.reg files) doesn't work neither - I tried so hard and so many times, changing the language also for others options, like es-ES, es-MX... and... nope Sad(I searched in piratebay download page and a lot of people has the same problem).

So I'm asking: Can I install the RELOADED version instead the Mac Version and follow the steps of the guide (just changing the release of the base game?). Somebody did it before and worked? Or I will have problems?

I'm asking here because my internet connection is like... one of the worst of the world (90 kbps down o_o) and download all and all again take lots of time. But if nobody knows the answer, I will try install and come back to give feedback.

Thank you a lot! Smile

EDIT: What I mean was "There is no installing window with PT-BR or PT-PT options". You know, this release has no installation etc, etc...

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Re: Can I install the RLD version? (Language problem with the MAC version)

Post by Phoebe on Thu 03 Apr 2014, 12:12


I've found a youtube video about how to change game language to Portuguese.. I hope it can help you:

If you need more help, please let me know.

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