Sims 3 Base game "No disk" error (Mac)

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Sims 3 Base game "No disk" error (Mac)

Post by Moonblaze on Sat 05 Apr 2014, 21:35

Hello,  :newfag: and I am really grateful for Games4theworld cracks, but I do have one problem with the Sims 3..I'm running on a Mac, and I downloaded the Sims 3 following that one "How to download Sims 3 correctly" post. However, the expansion packs are all for Windows, and I keep trying to run them with Wine, but the installers all tell me I don't have the Sims 3 installed when I do. I can open the launcher but it keeps prompting me to insert the Sims 3 disk...this is probably just me not reading the directions right, but could someone please help me?

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Re: Sims 3 Base game "No disk" error (Mac)

Post by Phoebe on Sun 06 Apr 2014, 14:45


All the Sims 3 games from this sire work in Windows and Mac but you need to create .dmg files to install to Mac.

You should read the right guide "How to Install Sims 3 Mac":

Pease read the guide carefully and apply all the steps. 

If you have any kind of problems, feel free to reach me. Good luck!  The Sims 3 plumbob

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