Into The Future No Saved Files Cannot Even Start New Game

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Into The Future No Saved Files Cannot Even Start New Game

Post by moonglow maiden on Tue 08 Apr 2014, 18:21

Help So I have been using Game4theworlds downloads for some time now and usually can figure out when I have done something wrong.  This time I cannot figure it out.  I have installed: The Base Game, Late Night, Generations, World Adventures, and Into the Future.  I had no problem with the game before I installed Into the Future, but when I installed it last night, I now have no saved files and no neighborhoods with no way to even start a new game or quit the game(I am on Windows 8.1 and have to press the Windows key).  I had the Ultimate Fix and the new patch installed prior to installing Into the Future, but re-installed them after I had the problem with Into the Future.  I know I have put the cracks in the correct folder.  I have downloaded the Movie Stuff Pack, to see if maybe it's the crack from Into the Future that has made my game all funky, but I don't know if it will.  I looked all over the forum for a solution and the solutions I did see(install the patch, ultimate fix)I have done but to no avail.  So what do I do?  Can anyone help me please?  I want to play my game and I really don't want to do a re-installation but I will if I absolutely have to.

Just installed the Movie Stuff Expansion and it didn't fix the problem...

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Re: Into The Future No Saved Files Cannot Even Start New Game

Post by ellajohnson on Tue 08 Apr 2014, 21:02

Hello and welcome! Very Happy
Does your problem look similar to this?

If so please (re)-do steps #2-4 of this article as precisely as possible:
If not please correct me... Smile
Good luck! Wink

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