Unofficial Modification Error?

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Unofficial Modification Error?

Post by Violation-Nova on Sat 12 Apr 2014, 23:51

Um.. I am aware of the other thread like this one. but let me explain my situation.

I downloaded Generations, Seasons, then Island Life, which is when I got the manual patch, and fix (it is the latest). Then, I decided to download university life, I was like "oh this is easy, i'll do it by myself!" So I did it just like Island Life, except to reduce lag, I uninstalled Island Life. so I went in and put the crack from UL folder, to the base game game/bin. I went to start it, and it gave the unofficial modification error! So I was like "well, I guess it doesnt work!" so I uninstalled it, and reinstalled IL, and then the same thing happened!

So, I tried a few things, ran the manual patch - got the "1.67 is already installed" or what ever - and used the fix "generations and all ep after". and it still didn't work! I have Generations, Seasons, University Life, and Island Life all installed, I ran the patch, and fix.

Is the problem that I haven't redownloaded the patch? because, that'd be really frustrating....  Help   :newfag:  and I really really want to place sims 3 right now.. ;-; please help?   Crying or Very sad

Edit: The problem was resolved by re-patching, and after re-downloading the fix i took .exe and .dll from the #crack folder instead! I think that was the problem! Thank you!!

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Re: Unofficial Modification Error?

Post by Webmaster on Sun 13 Apr 2014, 00:39

Hello there,

Welcome to the Games4theworld Forum!
Are you sure you have the 1.67 manual patch? If so, there's no need to re-download it.

Anyway, please install all the expansion packs that you want first.
After installing all of them, run the manual patch. If it tell you that you already have the latest version of the game, just click "Yes" and let it re-patch.
Now, do step 3 and 4: (DO RE-DOWNLOAD the Ultimate Fix!)

After that, test your game. Do you still get the same error?
If your answer to that question is "Yes", please try backing up (!) and removing this folder completely first: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\

Did that fix the error?
If not, please post a screenshot of the folder you copied the crack to (in "Details" view mode) and a screenshot of the folder you "grabbed" the crack from.

Good luck!



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