Latest ORIGINAL TS3 and TSLhost.dll files

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Latest ORIGINAL TS3 and TSLhost.dll files

Post by howsockgothappy on Sun 27 Apr 2014, 16:54

Hi, I have Sims 3 and all the expansion packs up to Showtime bought and work perfectly etc. I have tried to download Seasons from here multiple times and each time I can not get it to work. The issue is with the cracked TS3 and TSLhost.dll files as last time I was able to restore a previous version from the recycle bin (after uninstalling seasons) and get the game to work perfectly. I have tried every fix I have come across on this forum and nothing has worked so I've given up. However I no longer have the files so I can't get the game working without uninstalling and reinstalling everything, a process which would take probably 2 days or so. Can someone please upload the latest TS3 and TSLhost.dll for me, the ORIGINAL ones, not the cracked ones. I'd reallllly appreciate it.


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Re: Latest ORIGINAL TS3 and TSLhost.dll files

Post by Webmaster on Mon 28 Apr 2014, 20:44


Well, I highly recommend following these up-to-date steps first:
DO NOT skip any steps and RE-DOWNLOAD both the manual patch and the Ultimate Fix. That should fix your game.

If it didn't, feel free to post your actual problem here, so we can help you solve it.

Ps. The original files can be found in the Ultimate Fix (Step 3). All the folders except for the "# Crack" folder are actually the original files.



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