Unknown Error Occures

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Unknown Error Occures

Post by Viwi400 on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 15:27

Hello -

I am new to the forum, and I already like it!    :newfag: 

I have Sims 3 Base Game and Late Night Installed. 


I hope this won't be a problem but they're from another uploader (TPB though) 

Everything worked fine with the base game, until I installed Late Night. 

I can't open the launcher because wherever I click on one of the two icons (SIMS 3 OR LATE NIGHT)  It says: ''Unknown error occured'' 

I've tried to update it from 1.2 to 1.67 but it says that it has to change the ''sims3.app'' and once it finished it said the same thing: ''Unknown error occured''

I know you'll probably say :  Check in MAC fixes for the Unknown Error Occured problem. 

I did. 

But I have NOT Sims 3 preferences folder in my Preferences … (Folder  Laughing )    I am a repetitive person I know right!!!!  Hammertime 

Is there any WAY OUT???   I've tried the same with Game4theworld base and late night. But it didn't work so I put it into trash…. 

Well, if the Expansion packs don't work I guess… I'll just play with the base game. But that rips my heart out, like seriousely!  

Sorry for disturbing you.  



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Re: Unknown Error Occures

Post by gfunk0311 on Thu 01 May 2014, 14:24

yea man.  i have the same problem with into the future.  the other expansions work fine, but i keep getting that error and nobody on here can help.


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Re: Unknown Error Occures

Post by M.D.Simologist on Thu 01 May 2014, 23:19

Same Problem Here! I own most of the Expansion and stuff packs but I don't have Town Life so I downloaded that from here (following all the download instructions given) and then an unknown error occures.  Help


Windows version :
  • Windows 7

System architecture :
  • 64 bits (x64)

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Re: Unknown Error Occures

Post by intropella on Fri 02 May 2014, 00:27

Did you try updating the anchor ONLY with the base game? 
If not try that (Since you are supposed to update the launcher before you install the expansions). After you update the launcher, then you can install the expansion packs.
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Re: Unknown Error Occures

Post by Dieneryn on Sun 04 May 2014, 04:39

Hello Viwi400!

Your problem might lie in your base game. I am going to show you a simple guide to install the game correctly here. Please try to follow the steps and use the PDF guide I have linked closely. There is a link to an appropriate base game that is included in the file. I hope that will help you!


(Please click HERE for detailed instructions!)

* If you have previously installed The Sims 3 on your mac, please do a FULL and CLEAN uninstall before proceeding.

1) Install your base game.
2) *Update your base game to the latest version via the launcher's Game Updates tab. [Current: V1.63]
3) Unzip original Expansion Pack files with Stuffit Expander(Skip Steps 3 & 4 if you have downloaded your EPs in .iso or .dmg)
4) Create .dmg files of the EPs with Disk Utility.
5) Install EPs in order of release.
6) Apply the LATEST Ultimate Fix for Mac. (Use ONLY the two files in the main #Crack folder!)
7) Enjoy your game!

Again, if you are unsure about one of the steps, please view THIS GUIDE for images and detailed instructions!

* If the update fails via the launcher for some reason, please download the manual patch instead HERE.
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Re: Unknown Error Occures

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