Patient Asssitance Please :D

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Patient Asssitance Please :D

Post by ChevyGuy on Thu 01 May 2014, 12:05


First let me say (as I see many say), this place is great, a dream for Sim fans and just so grateful to those have have put all this effort into it!

I came here a few months ago, got all the expansions FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS lol and everything has always worked fine and still does....

I however, never got or messed with the 'store' stuff, which I am assuming is the items on their store that require SimPoints....

And now I really want them!

Issue I am having is I am not finding (and trust me I have looked so please forgive me and not troll me if I missed it) a guide or directions, as clear as the download and install for the full game and expansions for the store items, I see the are broken up into the month groups and years, but basically does it work just like the expansions?

Download, extract THEN apply the store fix code (that I see was recently updated)?  Also in one spot I see Updates 1 thru 26, then there are the individual months after that....should I get that one then get the others, or go all the way back to 2009 and get each month thats available individually?  Biggest thing is instructions on how to apply this properly with the fix to my game which is currently up to date with all the correct Ultimate Fix and X-pacs, I just really want someone to lay it out for me instead of me assuming cause I would hate for the whole damn thing to be messed up by moi....

Thank you in advance for your time!

///EDIT: Nvm


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Re: Patient Asssitance Please :D

Post by Shamrock on Thu 01 May 2014, 15:59

Do you mean you found the solution?

Have some tea, and take care!
Best regards,


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