Installing Ambitions

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Installing Ambitions

Post by msmeih on Thu 01 May 2014, 17:17

Hello everyone, so i can't find anyone who have problem installing Ambitions like mine
I have Sims 3 UL, Pets, World Adventure already (Which i got from you guys)
So I wanted to add more, I downloaded Ambitions, and when i clicked the Sims3EP02Setup.exe i thought it will install smoothly but this appeared "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?"
So i can't decide if i'll click yes, I have saved games and afraid of loosing it. So here I am asking you what should I do.
Sorry for being dumb here, I just didn't know what to do..
I'm trying to post the screen shot of the pop-up but i can't put it here sorry.


So here is the screenshot

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Re: Installing Ambitions

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 08 May 2014, 00:35

Hello and sorry for the late reply,

First of all, please make an empty folder somewhere. And then open the .RAR of Ambitions, and extract ALL contents of the .RAR, into the empty folder you created. If you mark all the contents in the .RAR with your mouse, and then simply "drag" the marked content into the empty folder, you're good to go. You THEN start the installation from that folder, and NOT from the .RAR file.

Next, please try clicking on "yes" if it asks you if you want to "remove" stuff. And see what happens. When this is finished, try installing again. Good luck ! Smile

P.S. if you don't get an answer within 24 hours of your original post, feel free to PM an active team member to help you out. Smile  


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