Black Screen after Launcher

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Black Screen after Launcher

Post by Leech on Fri 09 May 2014, 08:50

So I haven't played Sims 3 since the start of the year so please keep in mind this isn't a hardware issue (can't tell you how many people tell me I don't have enough RAM to run it). Now then the problem I'm having happened AFTER I was told by awesomemod to update, so I did just that (I also updated any other mods that needed it, not many did) tried to start the game up again and was stopped by the game loading then crashing at a black screen (process completely stopped and application shown as "Not Responsive") so then I removed my mods folder, did a clean sweep of some of the trash files that can possibly fix the issue like clearing the script file and cache files (I left the downloads folder alone, majority of those are bought or from ModTheSims/SimsResource).

I searched on the official forums, and I searched here. There was nothing I could find on the official site and the fixes here didn't work (just made my desktop look ugly ;_;). Does anyone have any other solutions that don't end with "Redownload the game + expansions and redo the Ultimate Fix"? Because I applied the fix in Jan when I updated to 1.67.2 and from the file dates in the fix (re-downloaded to see if it was updated) there was no update since 2013.

EDIT 1: Was a typo edit.
EDIT 2: *Update* SO I searched around some more and found some more fix guides and followed 'em. So far so good without mods, but now I need to figure out the cause of the freeze with 'em!
So this can be considered "solved" as far as that statement goes, but for anyone who may have the issue as well and would like to know what I used go here: (first fix, failed) (second, succeeded without mods/downloads in my documents folder).

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