Empty folders and can't install games?

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Empty folders and can't install games?

Post by xcatface on Sat 10 May 2014, 17:55

So I have read the how to install thread numerous times and either I'm not comprehending something or there's a serious error. I downloaded the base game from pirate bay and then I looked at the video of how to install. I downloaded the daemon lite program but that is as far as it goes. When I try to mount image the game isn't an option so there for I can't install anything. I thought maybe I need to unzip the folder or something but it says that the folder is invalid? I don't know if the fact that I don't have a disk drive means anything. I do have a cd drive that plugs into a usb port if that is something I need to do. Is there anything else I'm supposed to download before I try to install?

Edit: The first time I tried to download I got an empty zipped folder and now I have a button which seems like it would lead you to setup but ninstead It is giving me pop up ads and tons on the sides and top. I also can't access certain sites for some reason and It made v9.com my homepage even though I have it set to something else. I have no idea how to get rid of any of it.


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Re: Empty folders and can't install games?

Post by LoriliHime on Sat 17 May 2014, 06:37

Please make sure that you have our version of the base game. I personally suggest downloading Magicdisk if you are using Windows 7 (Windows 8 has their own iso mount). This is free and much simpler then daemon tools (Which confuses me and I am a huge computer/techy freak/geek whateverness)... Just mount the iso image and hit run... it should work perfectly. Please let me know if you have any more issues with this. Our team is more then happy to help. Sorry about the late reply.


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