Sims 3 Blank Menu Bubbles

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Sims 3 Blank Menu Bubbles

Post by HonorThyWalrus on Sun 11 May 2014, 06:00

Hello there, a while back I successfully got the expansions loaded without a problem. I recently got a new laptop however, and seem to be running into an issue no matter what I try. I have followed the instructions in the How to, but still find myself with blank bubbles on the menu screen. Here are the steps that I took while downloading everything:

1. Downloaded/Installed the base game from Origin.
2. Applied what expansions I could without updating the game using the manual patcher.
3. Applied the manual patcher.
4. Installed the remaining expansion packs.
5. Re-Applied the manual patcher.
6. Transfered the two files from the #Crack folder from the ultimate fix into the bin folder of the base game.
7. Ran the launcher.

I have been attempting to install the expansion packs for about a week now. Each time I uninstall the game, I make sure to use Revo uninstall and clear the registries as well. I am relatively sure that the files are all up to date. Any help would be appreciated.

If it is any help, these are the expansion packs that I am attempting to install:

- Generations
- Island Paradise
- Late Night
- World Adventures
- Seasons
- Showtime
- Ambitions
- University
- Supernatural

All of the expansions were downloaded from the games4theworld download site.

=============================================== Edit ============================================

Scratch that, after looking around the forums and re-reading the How to topic it struck me that maybe when it said to "Re-Download" the Ultimate Fix... I probably should actually re-download it rather than just re-apply it. That fixed my problems. Thank you for the great guides.


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