Sims 3 not working

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Sims 3 not working

Post by Roomster on Thu 15 May 2014, 18:12

Sorry, if Im posting in the wrong thread, Im new here, so excuse me, but please just read this before deleting or smth. I have heard of your good reputation when it comes to uploading clean games, and really appreciate your work on the forums, trying to help your "clients". Im not a newbie in gaming, or installing games or anything, I've installed and played quite a few of them now, even sims 3. So I've played sims 3 with this same pc about 2 years ago, and I had installed EP "Pets". Back then, everything worked great for me, but eventually i got bored, and uninstalled the game. Yesterday I wanted to play it again, but I was unlucky. I install the base game, which worked, I played it for  a while, while "showtime" was downloading. I installed showtime, but now I get the error server initialization failed 0x00175cbd or something like that. I have read your forum problem which got solved about the same error, and it didnt help me, and believe me, I did a lot of research about this, but didnt succeed to find anything useful. After that error, my base game doesnt work anymore, same error as the showtime, although, as I ve said, it worked before. I've tried ur ultimate fix and everything, but didnt help. Now I've spent almost a day, trying to get the perfect combination, base game from one site, expansion pack from other torrent site, or just another upload, but always the same error. Plus the sims launcher either opens, but says error during startup ( I did watch your youtube video about fixing it, deleted the regedit, didnt help) or sometimes, the launcher doesnt even open, as soon as I double click on it, it says launcher.exe has  stopped working. Now I've read your how to install the sims 3 perfectly, but I encountered a problem: the 1st download link doesnt open, and MEGA stops downloading the manual update patch at 62%, doesnt move. Please help me, I'm really losing my mind here.


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