Installing EPs & SPs: Installers not launching & "Could not verify the integrity of the installer" [SOLVED]

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Installing EPs & SPs: Installers not launching & "Could not verify the integrity of the installer" [SOLVED]

Post by selethis on Sat 17 May 2014, 03:56

Hey guys,

I managed to fix all the issues I had and am in the process of installing the EPs. I'm gonna round up the problems I encountered and the solutions in case somebody has the same problems.

This is based on these instructions from the wonderful games4theworld team found at: 

  • Issue 1: Installer won't launch - for me, the Dock did a little jig as if an app was going to open, but then nothing happened. This happened both from within the Disk Image as well as just the extracted folder.

Solution: Make sure to extract the .rar file with Stuffit Expander - my bad for ignoring those particular instructions - turns out some expanders can mess the files up - supposedly something to do with setting permissions?

  • Issue 2: When trying to run the installer, the following message pops up: "Could not verify the integrity of the installer"

Solution: For me this came up because I was trying to launch the installer directly from the extracted folder instead of the Disk Image. Create a Disk Image following the instructions from the .pdf linked above, and run the Installer from there. Worked for me.

Hope it helps someone!

Keeping the previous posts for the sake of other users searching:

I've been trying to get the EPs and SPs work following the instructions provided on the site/forum, as I only have the additional content up to Showtime. After mounting the download as a disk image, I tried running the installer, but it failed to open - a space appears in the dock for a second as if something was about to open, and the icon begins the bounce, but immediately closes and nothing happens - no pop ups or errors. 

Does anyone have any ideas? I installed the base game and previous EPs & SPs from a single download/installer from TPB.


P.S. If it helps, Console throws up the following after I try to launch the installer app:

Attempting to SIGCONT to pid 7913 failed with errno 3 or the process failed to actually start


Okay, so I made some headway. 

After searching for the line above, I eventually found some hints stating that the issue might have something to do with the application used to unrar the file messing up the contents. So I tried it with Stuffit Expander and now hooray! Installer launches. Hope it helps somebody.

However, now I get the following pop up immediately upon opening:

Could not verify the integrity of the installer

Anyone come across this before?

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- Carlos

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Re: Installing EPs & SPs: Installers not launching & "Could not verify the integrity of the installer" [SOLVED]

Post by Phoebe on Sat 24 May 2014, 15:02


Sorry for late reply and left you for having to find a solution on your own, but I am happy to hear you made it work! Smile

If you need any problem, please feel free to open a new topic.

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