World Adventures EP: Dfc-gorilla Error. [SOLVED]

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World Adventures EP: Dfc-gorilla Error. [SOLVED]

Post by ariunusai on Mon 19 May 2014, 01:16

Hi. I've been trying to download the Sim 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack, and followed all the instructions correctly, and have no issues up until I have to apply updates from the Crack 3 folder in the #Crack folder. I downloaded all of my games from your website, and installed them with assistance from a previous helper named J.T. and have recently installed Generations, Seasons, Ambitions, and High End Loft Stuff myself, and applied the fix and everything is working perfectly. I've been attempting to install World Adventures but with no luck. I try to apply Sims3_1.2.7.00002_from_1.0.631.00002 & I keep getting this error:

 Help I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing wrong, I've re-extracted the file and tried again, but this continues to pop up. 




Angel1437 helped with the problem I was having!  Nevermind, thank you anyway though.



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Re: World Adventures EP: Dfc-gorilla Error. [SOLVED]

Post by georgia_lewiss on Sat 14 Jun 2014, 23:38

I'm having this exact problem.. What did Angel1437 tell you? Is there another thread for it or was it over PM?

Mod edit: that's an older topic, and I suppose that the discussion took place on the chatbox. That said, please ALWAYS open your own topics, instead of posting under someone else's old topic. If you have your own topic, it makes it easier for other people to follow, and I can help you more efficiently. Smile  This topic is closed now.

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