Black lines on screen

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Black lines on screen

Post by obtusebruce on Thu 22 May 2014, 18:04


I've been having a multitude of problems trying to play this game. From actual error messages, to black screens, to the game freezing, it's baffling how many different problems are possible with The Sims.

The newest problem looks like this:

(I apologise for taking such a shoddy picture, but it's impossible to just screenshot, because that only produces a solid black image.)

I've had to change info.plist to refer to TS3W.exe because the Launcher won't open anymore, not even when I changed the info.plist file back. The game opens, stays on a black screen for a few seconds and then starts playing like this. When I tab out and back in, my other screens appear instead of the black lines.

I've moved my .packages folder to my desktop. The game played fine with it in place yesterday (after I had spent about 5 hours trying to get rid of just a plain black screen, which was ultimately due to some bad mods. The game then froze and I had to close it down, after which I couldn't get it to open properly again.)
When I got the black screen today, I initially thought it was the same problem, so I moved out my .packages folder again to see if the game ran properly without it - but nope. Now there are these strange black lines running across my screen. What causes this?


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Re: Black lines on screen

Post by Phoebe on Sat 24 May 2014, 15:11

Oh my...

Well, I think you should remove you Sims 3 documents file completely, not only the packages file, to see if it causes the problem. 
The game will regenerate a new documents file and you needto check if the problem still continues, if not it means some of the bad mod corrupted your game data and you need to continue with the newly created documents file.

Please apply this and let me know the result.

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