Manual update and Ultimate Fix aren't working?

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Manual update and Ultimate Fix aren't working?

Post by Erinyss on Sun 25 May 2014, 19:06

I've been having this problem for already 2 weeks, at first I decided I'd figure it out on my own, but now I'm completely lost. I've probably uninstalled and reinstalled the game 20 times by now, just trying to get it to work..

At first, I seemed to have manual patch problems, yet after re-downloading the manual patch around 4-5 times it finally worked, all was swell, it updated and I went in to add the fix and that's where the fun started, at first after applying the fix, I managed to open up over 10 loading versions of The Sims 3 trough the TS3W.exe file, because the launcher was refusing to open and wasn't giving me an error, the only way I could get rid of the games that were loading up, was by uninstalling the base game.

The next 3-5 times, I decided to do base game only, followed ALL of the instructions, (I think by now I probably could speak them out loud if someone called me at night and asked!!) made sure there wasn't anything I messed up and then it started giving the the "illegal copy" bull and after a while it gave me the error "launcher has stopped working" error... 

I've gone trough the forum, reading and whenever I find a post that's a little closer to what my problem seems to be, they seem to be solved, without explaining how and it's getting slightly frustrating.  Crying or Very sad 

Thank you beforehand, I'd love any kind of help, even if it's a suggestion, also yes, I've cleaned my computer completely blank from Sims 3. I'm just really out of ideas on how to fix this.


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