Load Save Error "Serious Error Had Occured When loading X.sims3. [SOLVED]

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Load Save Error "Serious Error Had Occured When loading X.sims3. [SOLVED]

Post by rayptd on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 12:17

t Started popping out when i load al the savegame.

ihave Expansion: World Adventure,Into The Future, island Paradise, ambtions, Pets
Stuff ; High-end loft Stuff

Started last night When update Fail, but the game Stil running, Goto the Future And then Freeze There, idk Why?.
And Then i accidentally removed the charger Of my laptotp that Cause my laptop To Shutdown( I have dead battery).
I think It Caused the Problem. Also When i Try To Fix Like Showed here simswik(Dot)info/wiki(Dot)php?title=Game_Help:A_Serious_Error_Has_Occurred

Try all the fix but no one works.
Also When i Trying To do option 2 when i click Apply ->Ok. There is a popup error says  At Documents -> electronic arts -> The sims 3 -> Current game-> TravelDB.package and Oasis Landing_0x0f36012aExportDB.package " is corrupted and unredable.
And This error Started This morning. and a minutes Ago A baloon says TSW.exe Has Corrupted Should Run chkdsk. i run it but nothing changes.

Also At Documents -> electronic arts -> The sims 3 -> Current game
my Os Is Win 7
Any help? :newfag:


Sorry, fixed the problem Though. i Delete The "CurrentGame.sims3" At Document\ElectronicArts\The Sims 3

Mod edit: good to hear that you managed to solve your problem yourself, and thanks for sharing the fix ! Very Happy  If you ever have a new problem, feel free to open a new thread. Topic closed.

- Carlos

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