In-Game lag

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In-Game lag

Post by layolan on Sat 05 Jul 2014, 07:12

I have tried almost everything in the thread dedicated for this type of problem however nothing seems to work.

I would like to believe my computer can run this game even if my processor isn't exactly up-to-par with standard games nowadays. 

Here are my computer stats:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti
AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core Processor
8 gigabytes of RAM

It seems to lag when I move my camera, when a sim uses something and it also stutters periodically and lags periodically.. The mods I currently have installed are:
1) Overwatch

The current expansion packs I have installed are:
1) Into the Future
2) Late Night
3) Ambitions
4) Diesel Stuff
5) Generations
6) High end Loft Stuff
7) Island Paradise
Cool Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
9) Pets
10) Seasons
11) Supernatural
12) Town Life Stuff
13) University Life
14) World Adventures

It wasn't like this when I began my character, in fact it ran perfectly fine. However, after about 10-15 hours of playing on that character, the world just doesn't want me to play anymore it seems. In the beginning there was a LITTLE lag but not like this. It's almost unplayable now.

Please don't refer me to the "Lag-fix thread": , Because i've already been there. If there are any other possible fixes short of replacing parts, I would be very happy.


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Re: In-Game lag

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 06 Jul 2014, 18:39


Now have another  look at this other topic here and re-do all steps:

If your Windows is a 64-bit version, then focus on step #3 in particular. Download the "4 GB patch" from here.

After downloading, double-click on that 4 GB patch and in the next prompt, choose the TS3W.exe in your base game location. Usually, that's C:\Program files(x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin. Wait for the message "executable successfully patched" and close the 4 GB patch.

Note that this method will not work if your Windows is a 32-bit version and/or if your computer has fewer  than 4 GB of RAM. After doing that, go on with the rest of the steps. These instructions should be pretty self-explanatory.

Now go to My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 and delete all contents inside the Currentgame.sims3 folder. Also, in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3, delete the following stuff:

-plus the contents of the folders "WorldCaches" & "Thumbnails"

Re-start the game then and see if anything improved. You may even turn off your anti-virus program completely before playing The Sims 3.

Good luck !


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